Fully in the grasp of post-holiday fatigue, many of us are looking for some down time.  We aren’t longing to get the excitement juices flowing because of some “big” thing lurking on the horizon.  Normal, typical, usual sounds good to us.  We just want to recoup some of the energy drained by back to back holiday weekends.  Well, that is at least the way I feel.

But even with that, I can’t help but be excited about the upcoming week at Hope. For one thing, we will begin what I think is going to be a very profitable series on Breaking Spiritual Inhibitions.  Most people indicate they would love to have a closer relationship God, and yet the God they long to be close to has promised to always be with us.  So, if we find it hard to get close to Him, the problem obviously lies in the things that inhibit us from connecting with Him.  Should be good stuff.

We also have our Semi-Annual Business Meeting Sunday night.  The agenda does not include any monumental motions for Hope’s Members to vote on, but it will include reports from a large number of our ministries as well as a financial update.  Knowing these things should strengthen our capacity to pray for all we are asking God to do through Hope.  And praying is the key to seeing God really move.  So, I’m excited.

We also get to host our second Blood Drive.  It might not seem like much because a lot of organizations host blood drives, but it is a great symbol to our community that we are in love with it.  And that is critically important.  As our community wrestles with so many critical issues related to its values, it is imperative, if we want to be heard, that our community knows we care.  I hope Tuesday the 17th will be a banner day in raising high our “We love our community” flag.

I hope this New Year is indeed leading to the New You God has made possible in Christ.







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