Kudos to the Submerged VBS team.  What an outstanding job.  Hope Chapel has always invested in and prioritized VBS because of our commitment to kids, which has produced quality VBS weeks, but I really do think this past week was our best.  Thanks.  Your spirit and service is symptomatic of why I love serving at Hope…the great people who call it their church home.

I had very limited responsibilities this past week which afforded me the opportunity to wander around a bit and observe the going ons.  I noted a number of things…the wide array of giftedness, the many ways to serve, the difference it makes and so forth.  But there was one observation among all the others that stood out to me and it was this:  it can be a whole lot of fun, a complete blast, to serve.  Here were people who had taken precious vacation time, set it aside to serve in VBS, and couldn’t conceive of a more fun way to spend their vacation.

To those who actively serve at Hope that is probably no surprise. But I think many folks think serving at church is like “work”, just another chore to get through and something that eats of the time you could spend doing something fun.  But let me tell you, that is far from reality.  Whether your chasing around a group of 4 and 5-year old’s who are making a craft that reinforces the spiritual truth they learned that day, or cleaning the kitchen or running the sound board, serving can be fun and deeply satisfying.

I hope that truth will settle in as we ramp up the opportunities to serve in the next few weeks.  We are actively organizing a number of meaningful ways to serve in an entry level way at Hope because we want everyone to experience the fun of contributing to what God is doing at Hope.






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