Recently the Barna Research Group, in partnership with several other entities, conducted a survey focused on the state of Christianity in the Northeast.  Some of the findings were anticipated, but there were a few nuggets that will spark prayerful reflection.  The one that stood out to me is one that we can do something about just next week.

In their survey, they defined an “active Christian” as one who indicated they believed in the tenets of Christianity and that “faith” played an active weekly role in the way they lived.  Among those so defined as “active Christians” a large percentage believed that while their local church was effective at ministering to its own, it was not active or effective enough at ministering to its’ community.  In other words, the church often serves its own well while at the same time remaining pretty much isolated from the community it resides in. Often this is an unintentional outcome.  In the effort to not be “of” the world, the church ceases to actually be “in” the world as Christ commanded.   Hope Chapel might not experience that as intensely as some churches, but it is still clearly an area where we can be a far more powerful gospel force.

Against that backdrop, opportunities like next Tuesday’s Blood Drive can be seen in a far different light.  It is more than just harvesting blood.  It is a moment pregnant with the potential for us to show how the blood of Christ has changed us. A moment when we can express Christ’s redemptive love to a world desperate for it.  A moment when we can truly be “in” the world without being “of” it. You can make that happen by signing up to donate blood (see below), or volunteer, or to just swing by and thank the folks of the Red Cross for their good work.  Thanks for your help with this.

See you Sunday when we explore the Great Question: What is Truth? Bring a friend.  I would love to meet them.







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