With Vacation Bible Spectacular less than two weeks away, there is a lot of excitement “bubbling up” behind the scenes around Hope Chapel. VBS has ALWAYS been a favorite church event of mine. There’s just a feeling around the church during that week that’s hard to describe. We try to talk about the event beforehand, and even show photos from it afterwards, but neither of those things can replace actually being here. I could go on to describe how great the week is because of all the fun and Bible learning and kids’ lives changing, but I know we’ve heard it all before. So instead, I’m going to do my best to describe some of the things you might not realize go into this incredible outreach. So in a nutshell (and in no particular order), here’s VBS below the surface…

– Already, several volunteers who are leading crafts, games, music, snacks, and Bible have been preparing their stations. This includes buying supplies, creating samples, collaborating with partners about how the lessons will go, rehearsing lyrics and choreography, choosing the best options for activities and food, and making copies and cutting out materials for use.
– Large d├ęcor pieces are being built (or already have been-you’ve seen the submarine, right?!) by talented people to make the theme come alive! (And yes, there IS more to come!)
– VBS staff members are completing their own personal Bible studies on the stories that we’ll teach the kids the week they are here. This is so we can prepare our own hearts to share God’s Word with the children. We are praying for one another! We also have volunteers providing morning pastries for staff members as we arrive early each morning to pray together.
– Preparations for VBS Family Night (which is open to the whole church, by the way-Thursday, August 11, 6-8pm) are underway! Volunteers come forward to operate the grill, people volunteer to pick up and return the trailer filled with bouncy houses for the kids’ use that night, and food will be purchased for the evening.
– T-shirts have been ordered for staff and kids! Plus, my office is piled high with VBS boxes of supplies and decorations. This is exciting for me because it means we’re so close!!
– The youth group is getting fired up to help out, as well, and have been requesting the areas in which they want to serve for the past several weeks!
– Even more volunteers will show up for our decorating parties (Saturdays, July 30 & August 6) and share their ideas and talent to make our church reflect our underwater theme.
– Our church staff meetings have included prayer time for VBS, specifically, for several weeks now. And not only do we pray for VBS and the volunteers and the families we will reach, we continue to brainstorm ways in which our totally awesome “mascot” for the week, Scuba Steve, can surprise the kids. We are all ready for a fun and meaningful week!

Is it any wonder I’m excited?! Just listing the ways in which so many people have their hands on this event overwhelms me with emotion. God’s handiwork is all over Hope’s VBS and with so many people pouring their love, time, and talent into it, how can it not be life-changing or at least an incredible week for the kids who will attend? This is my prayer and I’d love for you to join me in it and invite your friends to come, too!

~ Bubbly Bethany





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