Sometimes I hear folks say, “I wish I had known sooner”. I definitely don’t want that to happen with a couple of great opportunities that are right ahead of us in October, so let me fill you in on them now. The first is a specific event, the Operation Christmas Child Packing Party. For those of you unfamiliar with this ministry project, this is how it works. On October 22, we will pack as many shoe boxes as we can with a number of useful items and gifts. Those boxes will be picked up early in November and will make their pilgrimage to kids all around the world through Samaritan Purse’s network. These boxes will bless a child in need at Christmas as well as open up an opportunity to minister to them.

Now this is a great opportunity for a number of reasons and I pray we will experience some Above and Beyond effects through them. First, we get to make a difference around the world, crossing multiple barriers to be used of God. Therefore, I pray we will pack so many boxes that it can only be attributed to a great work of faith. Second, this is a great event to invite others too: kids, entire families, relatives, and co-workers. We get a chance to model for our entire community the miracle that the church is thrilled to give itself away to others. My prayer is that Hope’s campus will be flooded that day with people because we invited them to be a part of something more. You can get the full low down on the details on our website:

The other is our attractional message series for October: The Power of Forgiveness. I am convinced that people are being held hostage spiritually, emotionally, and relationally by their pasts and that the key to open the door to God’s preferred future is forgiveness. I mean forgiveness in the fullest sense: experiencing God’s forgiveness, forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. I really want to challenge you to protect Sunday mornings in October to be a part of the series and to invite others to join you. We have invite cards in the lobby for you to share. Certainly every single one of us knows someone who can’t change their past but who do need their futures changed through the power of forgiveness.






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