This week in our Transformed series, Rick Warren challenged us to bring one person to Christ and thus “continue the chain” of witnessing that brought us to Christ.  While evangelism is a gift of the Spirit (one that my husband has most certainly been gifted with and I have not) we are ALL called to make disciples of all nations.  It doesn’t come as easily for me to talk openly about my faith (even though I’ve done it several times before).  I get tongue-tied and nervous.  Maybe I over-complicate it.

You know for whom things are pretty simple for?  Kids.  My daughter tells it like it is.  She isn’t afraid to ask someone to play with her or to show off her Bible and talk about church.  The thought that she might be rejected or laughed at has yet to cross her mind.   We can actually learn a lot from our children, even though it often seems the opposite.  But this is why Jesus said that in order to inherit the kingdom of Heaven, we must become like a child.  Not only can I learn from my children by looking at the world through their eyes, but also because I want to teach them to walk in the Lord, it forces me to set a good example.  I don’t want my children to be afraid to talk about Jesus or their faith.

Of course it’s not just my own children I learn from, but all the kids in Kids Connect.  When I’m talking with them on Sundays, sometimes their answers really surprise me, and they ask great questions.  Right now, we are in the middle of our “Be a P.A.U.L.” challenge for kids in preschool through fifth grade.  (P.A.U.L. = Pray, Act, be Used by God, and Love)  Most of our Bible stories this spring are about the apostle Paul, and each week, kids have a new challenge that connects to the story.  This Sunday, our story is about Paul bringing Lydia to Christ (Acts, chapter 16).  For our challenge, it’s “Bring a Friend to Kids Connect” week.  Kids are encouraged to invite a friend to church, which for many of them, is more exciting than scary.  What perfect timing for Rick Warren’s challenge to us adults!  Are the kids leading by example here?

Hopefully their friends accept the invitation to church and we have a whole bunch of new faces in Kids Connect on Sunday.  How wonderful that would be!  If you see kids walking in with their friend(s) on Sunday, smile and welcome them!  And may it encourage you to do the same.  “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season.” 2 Timothy 4:2

Thank you for loving on our children at Hope Chapel!  Feel free to visit us in Kids Connect on any given Sunday to see what’s happening.  We’re always looking for a helping hand or just a visitor to say “hello.”  You can check out the Kids Connect section of Hope Chapel’s website or “like” us on facebook, to see more of what the kids are learning and doing at our church.

Bethany Dattolo
Children’s Director





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