You are amazing!  Hope’s volunteers are amazing. This reality was impressed on me again Thursday as a group of folks serviced the collation for the Wilson family.  The number of folks, the amount of time they put in, and the spirit in which they served…just amazing stuff.  You couldn’t pay people to do it in the spirit they did.  Perhaps I was primed to be impressed the night before as I observed a group of folks finishing up the painting in the Worship area.  They were doing great work and seemed to really love hanging out with each other.  People like this, doing what they do, the way they do it are a huge part of what makes Hope Chapel special.

Those particular service teams are just the tip of the ice berg at Hope.  Earlier this year I calculated it takes a minimum of a 125 people a week to make Hope happen…from Kid’s Connect, Alpha/Omega, Worship, cleaning, Men’s/Women’s, Life Groups, weekly hospitality, facility up-keep, Greeters, Deacons, Elders, and on and on.  It takes an army of people to make all that God seeks to do at Hope happen.  People serving with willing hearts, being gracious and giving, is what creates the spiritual environment in which God impacts people with His life-changing grace. It takes an army.  An army committed to reflecting God’s heart as they serve. An army of people whose heart has been filled by God.

When you see someone serving at Hope, take the time to say thanks.  They are making a difference for the Kingdom.  And consider joining the army as there is always room and a need for more.

See you Sunday.  I will pray you will “meet” God there as well as a new friend.







Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

Sterling, MA 01564