Advent Readings 2016


Do you have a name? Do you have a nickname? Why do people call you that? Jesus Christ was called many things. And each of those names mean something. It describes something about Him. Even his name “Jesus” was chosen for a reason. We will look at 25 names of Jesus, 5 per week during the Advent Season. There are many more names, but this will get us started. Advent starts 4 Sundays before Christmas (November 27 this year), and we will carry the devotion one more week, up to the New Year.

Advent simply means “coming.” What was really coming at Christmas in this tiny baby? Hope was coming. Love was coming. Peace was coming. Joy was coming. Life was coming. And when we tell others about Jesus and when we serve others by being the hands and feet of Jesus, we are sending hope. We are sending love. We are sending peace. We are sending joy. We are sending life. What are you giving away this Christmas Season? Give away Jesus. And be prepared to know more fully what you are giving away.

The first devotion of each week will include a FAMILY CONNECTION and additional ACTIVITIES to do as a family. Decide which day of the week works best for you as a family to do that one. You can certainly do them all as a family but we want to challenge all families to do at least one a week with your children. Along with the devotions, you’ll find 5 coloring pages. We encourage you to take the time to reflect, rest, and refresh on the names of Jesus while working on these challenging coloring pages. These 5 pages form 1 larger image when put together. We’d also love for you to come to Hope Chapel, the Kids Connect wing, and color in our larger version which measures 6 ft x 10 ft.


We will post each week of devotions on our Online Journal before the week begins. You can download the coloring pages and print off in case you need more copies or redo the ones you colored outside the lines.

Advent Week 1 – Available Nov. 26

Advent Week 2 – Available Dec. 3

Advent Week 3 – Available Dec. 10

Advent Week 4 – Available Dec. 17

Advent Week 5 – Available Dec. 24