Pastor’s Word

This past week’s message about loving one another within the church had people responding how Hope Chapel has been such a good church to them as others have helped them in many ways over the years. These types of stories never get old. We love to hear about them not so we can toot our own horn, but so we can praise God. It is exactly what God wanted us to do as His disciples.

It also shows the value of being connected into a local church congregation. We also hear stories from time to time about something happening in a person’s life and we didn’t know anything about it. It’s not like we have to know everything happening in a person’s life as we are called to “lead a quiet life, to mind your own business…” (1 Thess 4:11). Yet, it’s our joy to fulfill God’s commands to help one another, pray for one another, encourage one another and so on. There are about 50 “one another” commands in the New Testament. It’s hard to fulfill God’s commands when we don’t share needs or hear of needs. Knowledge is important. And I believe people will step up to help when they hear a need because they want to do something honorable to help a person with whom they are connected.

The value of the going to church is perhaps at an all time low. Regular attendance is now classified at twice a month. It’s a long stretch from the beginning church who met daily in the temple courts and from house to house. At that time, the believers were together and held all things in common as people needed. Since regular attendance is now twice a month, it is harder to know who is not connected, who is becoming disconnected, how long it’s been, and what the need may be. If someone was sick a week or away for a work trip or on vacation, it could be a whole month without seeing them in church. We try the best we can as a staff to identify and reach out if we are unsure why. But of course, it’s not always easy.

It’s why we value Life Groups, Youth Group, Men’s breakfasts, Women’s breakfasts and events on top of Sunday morning. It’s another set of eyes and relationships to know of one another and to help if needed. When you are not connected in church, people not only miss supporting and praying for you, but you most likely are unaware of other people’s needs that you would be willing to pray for and help with.

Blurb from the Blumer