I love being in a Sending Church and at times having the privilege of being one of the “sent”.  Over the next couple of weeks Hope will get to experience afresh the thrill of being a Sending Church.  We have two major teams going out on mission: Good Rain and Quest.  They will serve in five different locations.   Let me tell you a bit about each and then supply a link so you can follow along on the respective blogs.

       Good Rain will take place from Feb 10-26.  Hope is sending out four people to Rwanda to staff this year’s effort, something we have been doing since 2011.  The heart and soul of this effort is training church leaders so they can transform Rwanda with the Gospel.  This year’s teaching will focus on 1 Samuel and the Gospel of John.  And as always they will pepper us with questions.  We will also hopefully be able to provide each of the Pastor’s families with a 40lb bag of rice.  We are also taking along new dress shirts for each Pastor.

       Quest is a leadership development initiative of the Baptist Convention of New England that focuses on high school juniors.  We have participated in it as a cornerstone of our youth ministry for over a decade.  We have 7 students participating this year and the faculty has several leaders from Hope on its staff.  The four teams will be heading out to either South Africa, Scotland, the Dominican Republic or to Hawaii.  We have students headed to each of these locales.  They are going to serve and to encourage, but also to grow personally in their life-long sense of mission.

We will be commissioning the Good Rain team this Sunday.  The Quest team will be commissioned on the 12th. Both are real highlights that you will want to be a part of. You will also want to follow along with each team in their experiences.  You can do so through their respective blogs:

Good Rain:  goodrain17.blogspot.com

Quest:  Questne.weebly.com

They would appreciate you following along with them on a daily basis.  Doing so really helps to maintain the connect with the spiritual family back home. And be sure to pray!  Thanks for being a sending church.  I believe it makes God smile.