Pastor’s Word 

Leave her alone. Why are you bothering her? She has done a noble thing for Me.” We encountered this statement of Jesus last Sunday in Mark 14. It is one of those statements that challenges us to stop and reflect, which is perfect timing since we are heading into Holy Week this Sunday. I see at least two things we should “ponder”:

–         When confronted with this extravagant, reckless act of love toward Jesus, He and the disciples responded totally different. The disciples “bothered” her, adopting a tone of discouragement. Jesus on the other hand affirmed her, offering words of encouragement. He noted how her act would inspire others in the future. When we see someone going “all in” in serving Jesus does our reaction spur them on or subtly, or not so subtly, discourage them because they’re being so impractical? Something to think about for sure.

–         What noble thing are we seeking to do for Jesus? Obviously, we can’t physically anoint Jesus with expensive cologne like her, but we can model the same kind of passion, sacrifice, and gratitude. Are we? Is it even on our spiritual radar? Is it something we desire? When was the last time we did something that from a worldly perspective made absolutely no sense, but we were thrilled to do it just because we love Jesus?

I don’t think its much of a stretch to say that the season we’re in, the season of remembering the most extravagant act of sacrificial love… Jesus death on the Cross, is a great time to ask ourselves if we long to go all in with Him and long to inspire others to do the same.  We can still do “noble” things for Christ that can reverberate for decades.   And the noblest thing might also be one of the most simple…just share your faith with someone and invite them to follow you to Him.

See you Sunday as we consider Jesus’ noblest act…His death in our place. The importance of understanding the Cross cannot be overstated.


PS – Just a quick “Finish Well” update. We’re making progress. We started out one-half month behind financially but now are just a little less than 1 week behind, so we have cut it in half. The challenge is to give an extra half-month offering between March and May. For the many who already have, thanks for your faithfulness. You can help Hope Finish Well here…
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