Pastor’s Word

68 cents. I was floored when I did the math and figured out that if Hope’s per person giving averaged just $0.68 more each week, we would be fully funding our budget. A budget which is intentionally and prayerfully designed to make a Kingdom impact in our local area, our region, our nation and the world. If fully funded, Hope’s budget will

·      Contribute $98,768 to world-wide mission before we even take up a special offering

·      Resource ministry to 60+/- children/week, as well as provide a free of charge VBS that services 100+ kids

·      Underwrite the cost of ministering to over 75 teenagers, many of whom come from families that are not active in any church

·      Provide a helping hand to people who are experiencing financially hard-times 

·      Maintain a 26 acre campus with a 13,000 sq. ft building, fully heated and lit, ready to be and typically used every day of the week

·      Pay for, insure, and maintain a van that serves the transportation needs of our ministry within and outside the church 

·      Provide ministry materials for the roughly 200 adults engaged in weekly discipleship

·      Allocate about $1000/month to reach new people with the message of eternal life

·      And so much more…

And just 68 cents more each week per person would allow us to fully fund that budget. Let me do the math for you. Hope’s budget is $769,662. Our average attendance each week is about 375.

$769,662/ 375 attendees/ 53 budget Sundays = $38.73/ adult,teen,child/ week
 At the end of April we were 44 Sundays into the fiscal year and $11,343 behind our budget requirement, down from about $25,000 a month or so ago. 

$11,343/ 375 / 44 weeks of our budget year = $0.68/person/week.
 So $0.68 more per person would fully fund all God has asked us to do. And if I did the math correctly, that means if each attendee gave $29.92 more this week we would be all caught up. I don’t think that is too much of a mountain to ask God to move. Also, it brings to my mind Jesus’s teaching, “faithful in little, faithful in much”.   

But let me thank you for your faithfulness. The reason it is only $0.68 is because of your faithfulness. The bible doesn’t teach per person giving. It teaches generosity, faithfulness and the tithe (10%). Many of you are living that out each week. May God’s promise that it is “more blessed to give than to receive” be your experience. 


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